How it works- Service Professionals

How it works – Service Professionals


Setup a profile & join ORGANISSE

Setup a profile to show your skill and experience to your potential clients. Once your professional profile is setup, pay a subscription fee to start providing your quotes and proposals to client service requests. Currently, it is FREE to join ORGANISSE and no subscription fee is payable until further notice.


Browse job requests in ORGANISSE

Start browsing open service requests in the job board that match your skill and services.


Provide a quote and brief proposal

Once you found service requests or jobs related to your skill and service, provide a quote and brief proposal. You can provide as many quotes and proposals as you like and it doesn’t cost anything to provide quotes (this is your subscription benefit).


If you are selected, pay a contact fee and start connecting to your client

We will inform you if you have been selected or shortlisted by the client and if you wanted to go ahead you just pay a small contact fee to get connected to the service requester.
No commission to pay.